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Fringe O² Fic: Merging into a Violet Haze Part 6


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Memories from the morning rolled over her, wave after wave; they rose and crested, the rumbling of her stomach broke her moment of serenity, a rarity for her – it must have been past noon if she had to guess- but she was far too sore and sated to move. Liv cracked one eye open, her gaze immediately fell upon her bedfellow. Olivia was draped over her. Blonde hair strewn about around her face, set aglow by a beam of light streaming in from one of the lab’s many windows. She seemed somehow volatile and steady at the same time. A sleeping storm. The rain had finally stopped, but Liv couldn’t for the life of her remember if it had ended while they were sleeping, or before.

A kiss of passion quickly turned into forceful, desperate, openmouthed kisses as Olivia lifted Liv up off the couch in one swift movement. Liv found herself promptly deposited on the nearest lab table. She instinctively clung to the edge, papers scattered by the now extra crispy shape shifters stuck to the sweat on her palms. Her arms strained against the onslaught. Olivia seemed to have given up on her mission to avoid contact and instead was trying to press as much skin-to-skin as possible. Her lips were everywhere, teeth nipping possessively from time to time, before moving on. The shirt she’d borrowed was ripped over her head; Liv hadn’t bothered with a bra.

Olivia pulled back for just a moment and Liv caught the briefest look of hesitation in her eyes, but as soon as she registered it, it was gone. And there was no mistaking the intent of her gaze now. Eyes so similar to her own raked over her partially exposed body with voracious intensity. Never before had someone’s gaze elicited such a carnal response within her. Perhaps there’s something to Olivia’s theory after all. Just as Liv gathered enough wits to wonder when Olivia had shirked her shirt and jacket, Olivia smashed their lips together once more and Liv was lost.  Fingertips stroked circles around her breasts, Tease, weaving their way into her hair, pulling on the small hairs at the nape of her neck. Pulling Liv farther into her.

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So much O²(if you know what i mean) on my homework!!

I can’t even concentrate!!

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Olivia & Liv - Somebody That I Used To Know

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Reblog with your 10 favorite TV ships.
  1. Bette & Tina (The L Word)
  2. Beckett & Castle (Castle)
  3. Callie & Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy)
  4. Olivia & Peter (Fringe)
  5. AltLiv & Olivia (Fringe)
  6. Regina & Emma (Once Upon A Time)
  7. Jane & Maura (Rizzoli&Isles)
  8. Chuck & Sarah (Chuck)
  9. Mika & Helena (Warehouse 13)
  10. Leo & Piper (Charmed)
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Caskett or O². Muhaha :)

Mean Julie, mean!But I still love you, don’t worry!hahaha <33

O² is life!

BUT, unfortunately, exist just in our head! :(

So, I’ll choose Caskett!Because they are so cute!And today is the day!Always day <3333

Thank you for asking!

Love you always! <3

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O2 or Myka/H.G Wells?

OMG! I can’t choose between these two!!

O² is so hot!

And Mika/H.G are so cute! I can’t even! 

May I choose both??hahahaha (please let me!)

Love you <33

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I don’t know what you are, but you are nothing like me.

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trusting people (O² - AU) (by maitikaHan)

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So, Altlivia is back!That means O²…

…if you know what I mean!


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