The geek speak is working, Doctor...

Oh I own all the Buffy seasons. I can borrow it to you :D

Really?This is nice…

I’ll start to watch…I just need time :/

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Warehouse 13, Bones, Charmed, Buffy (I'm sorry if I asked anything twice. Just leave it out then :D)

This is good!Thank you dear :)

❤ male: Pete
❤ female: H.G. Wells
✖ least favorite: Leena
✔ who resembles me: Mika *__*
❤ most attractive: H.G. and Mika!hahaha <3
❤ three more characters that i like: Claudia, Artie and Mrs. Frederic
  • Bones
❤ male: Booth
❤ female: Bones
✖ least favorite: Wendell
✔ who resembles me: Cam!I love her
❤ most attractive: Bones and Cam
❤ three more characters that i like: Angela, Hodgins and Sweets
  • Charmed:
❤ male: Leo
❤ female: Piper <3
✖ least favorite: Shax, of course!
✔ who resembles me: Phoebe
❤ most attractive: All the sisters!hahaha
❤ three more characters that i like: Same as you > Cole, Henry and Billie :)
  • Buffy
I just saw a few episodes, i can’t choose anyone :(
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Oh my god that just cracked me up! :D The cellphones on Fringe are the meanest little bitches. But Jodi is worse. To me anyway :D

They are ALWAYS COCKBLOCKING!!hahahaha

She is worse to me too!

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Haha, oh no. Jodi really was a pain in the ass. And you said it right Julia: SHE WAS A DAMN COCKBLOCKER! ugh

She is more cockblocker than the cellphones on Fringe!!And I thought it was impossible!Hahahaha

Go away Jodi!hahahahaha

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I love you for putting jodi as your least favorite. Ok I’d also love you if you hadn’t but you have!!! ajfgsjhdfjlsagfljksd (I slightly hate Jodi…)

OMG, Jodi is so annoying!She is always cockblocking Tibette!Hahahahaha 

I hate her!

Thank god you would love me anyway!YAAAAAY <333

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GIVE ME A SERIES AND I'LL TELL YOU: (can I send 3? :D) Grey's, Castle and L Word :)) <3

Always breaking the rules!Hahahahahahahaha

Of course you can! :)

1. Grey’s Anatomy

 male: Mark Sloan
❤ female: Arizona Robbins <3
✖ least favorite: Alex Karev
✔ who resembles me: Callie Torres *_*
 most attractive: Arizona Robbins(Jessica Capshaw is hot!Hahaha)
❤ three more characters that i like: Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang and Teddy Altman

2. Castle

 male: Castle(Of course!hahaha)
❤ female: Beckett <3
✖ least favorite: Gates
✔ who resembles me: Beckett(because she is tough like me!)
 most attractive: Beckett 
❤ three more characters that i like: Esposito, Ryan and Alexis

3. The L Word

 male: I don’t know…Tim?hahaha
❤ female: So hard this one!!Hahahaha Tina
✖ least favorite: Jodi
✔ who resembles me: Bette <3
 most attractive: OMG, i don’t know!ALL OF THEM!hahaha
❤ three more characters that i like: Alice, Helena and Shane

Thanks Julie <33

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You could never break the rules honey! :D Uh, I don’t like Kobe xD But OMG MAGIC JOHNSON, MJ AND LBJ!!! :D

Hahahahahaha i’m so sorry!!

I like the way he plays, but the person, not much…

Magic, MJ and LBJ!!Omg, the bests!!

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Top 3 Basketball Players :D

Nice one!

Of all times??

1. Magic Johnson

2. Shaquille O’neal

3. Michael Jordan

Can i put a 4 and a 5??hahahahaha

4. Kobe Bryant

5. Lebron James

There is a lot more, but i already broke the rules right!Hahaha

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Awww so cute. I would totally saved them with you and your friend!! Absolutely adorable

He was cute, because he died about 3 years ago :’(

But i think he had a good life! *_*

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OMG!!! That made me love you even more. You are amazing. And I would lov eto fly on these things, too, haha :D

Awn thank you!You are so lovely!!

Here is a picture of one that we took(He stayed with me):

You would love fly on that!It’s freedom you know!Super amazing *__*

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Aaaaaand another: Top 3 childhood memories? :)

I have a lot!!

1. Carnival in my grandparents house

2. A vacation with my parents here:

It’s in Cabo Frio on Rio de Janeiro, beautiful place *_*

3. My first birthday party(yes, i remember!)

It’s in my memory because my mother said that i cried so hard when these clowns arrived at my party!hahahahahah

Since then, i have afraid of clowns!

But i don’t know why, because in the picture i’m happy!hahahaha

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What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

In Rio de Janeiro, literally with this view!AMAZING, but dangerous!hahaha

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Top 3 people in showbusiness? :)

Let me think….

  1. Oprah
  2. Ellen Degeneres
  3. David Letterman

Thank you, thank you, thank you! <33

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Tibette is my OTP for life. Really. No OTP will ever mean more to me…

YES!!My OTP for life too!I love Bette and Tina so much <333

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